How to Plan Your Life: Together

Episode 50 · May 9th, 2019 · 34 mins 52 secs

About this Episode

Life planning is like building a house.  When you build a house, you use a blueprint - it has all the instructions on it, such as where rooms, walls, stairs and windows are going, along with the dimensions, etc.  Think of life planning as creating that blueprint for your life “house” you’re going to build.

If you’re in a relationship though, there’s another dimension to this! What you ask?  Now it’s not just you building a house, it’s you and your partner.  You’re building a house together. So what does that mean?

It means…. you need to use the SAME blueprint!  You don’t want one of you to be building a mansion, while the other one is building a cottage.  Yes, it is possible that together you build one house using separate blueprints, but neither one of you is truly going to be happy with the results. It’ll be this combo house that you neither one of you particularly loves.  

So what are you to do?  Well, it means you’ve got to work off of a similar blueprint.  That way you’re building a house that you are both in love with.  That, my friends, is called life-planning with a partner.  It’s deciding together what kind of house you’re going to build.  Together.  So when the house is finished, you can both look at it and say yes - that’s the house I’ve always wanted.

Today on the pod, we’re talking about exactly that - writing that blueprint for your life.  We’ll break down the steps to getting it done, and go through some real-life examples for what it looks like, especially when you’re life planning alongside the love of your life.

This episode comes with a fun clarity sheet to help get the process rolling, so listen in, download your sheet, and let us know - what life channel are you going to work on first?

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