Grow Together Using Quarterly Reviews

Episode 47 · April 18th, 2019 · 49 mins 38 secs

About this Episode

Today on the podcast, we’re chatting about quarterly goals again. Q1 just finished, and we’re looking forward to our next set of goals for Q2.

We break down precisely how to do a quarterly review with your partner. And you guessed it, as with all our things - work on yourself first. So, we discuss how we each do our own quarterly review.

Next we discuss how we share those with each other, but more importantly why we take the extra time to do this. We could stop at doing a quarterly review - because that alone is an amazing step in progress towards reaching goals. So we share the 4 reasons why it’s so important to us that we consistently share what we’re working on with each other.

Listen in and let us know - why do you want to share your goals with your partner? How would that help you achieve your goals?

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